Young Mother takes the Abortion Pill

But immediately seeks our team for help

Last week, Dr. Kalamarides from the Vitae Clinic reached out to our Client Advocates regarding a woman seeking an abortion pill reversal. To protect her privacy, we will refer to her as Jenna. She is a young mother of two children, both under five years old. Given that she already has these small children to take care of, Jenna felt overwhelmed and scared at the news of her unexpected pregnancy. She decided that she couldn't give birth to her baby and obtained the abortion pill, also known as a chemical abortion or medication abortion, over the weekend.

This type of abortion is performed in the early stages of pregnancy, and it works in two steps:

Step 1

Close up image of woman putting white round pill in mouth. Sick female taking medicines, antidepressant, painkiller or antibiotic. Young lady drinking contraceptives. Pharmacy and healthcare concept

1.) First, the woman takes RU-486, a pill that blocks progesterone (the hormone that maintains pregnancy) and cuts off essential nutrients from the embryo.

Step 2

Woman sitting on the toilet holding toilet paper in her hands

2.) After 24-48 hours, she takes Misoprostol, a pill that induces miscarriage. During this step, women are instructed to miscarry at home in their bathroom toilet.

If a woman changes her mind about the abortion, she has a chance to reverse the effects if she has only taken the first pill, RU-486. This was the case for Jenna.

A few hours after taking the first pill, Jenna began to regret her decision. She called the Abortion Pill Reversal Hotline, a service that connects women to physicians in their area. Through this hotline, she got in touch with Dr. Kalamarides from our Vitae Clinic, who prescribed her progesterone supplements to undo the effects of RU-486. Dr. K then helped her schedule a free ultrasound appointment at JPII Life Center to measure and determine the viability of her pregnancy.

Jenna arrived at our Center the following Monday, and a special surprise awaited her in the sonogram room. The ultrasound revealed that she was pregnant with twins! She was beyond surprised at this discovery, but felt peace with her choice to continue the pregnancy and do everything she could to bring her babies into the world. She is now working on applying for Medicaid and preparing for her first prenatal care visit at Vitae Clinic. We are honored to have been a resource for her in a time of desperation, and our Vitae medical staff is excited to walk with her through this new beginning.

twin 1 ultrasound. Incredible abortion pill reversal story. Pro-life, Austin, Texas, JPII Life Center
Twin 2 ultrasound. Amazing abortion pill reversal story with the Vitae Clinic and JPII Life Center in Austin, Texas

Jenna is one of many women who experience regret after having an abortion. Fortunately, with the help of JPII Life Center & Vitae Clinic's services, she was able to get the care she needed before it was too late; her twins have been saved.

Having access to life-affirming OB/GYN healthcare and pregnancy services can mean the difference between life or death for an unborn baby. JPII Life Center is the only pregnancy resource center in Austin that operates jointly with an OB/GYN medical practice so that women like Jenna may receive life-saving reproductive care without financial distress.

This life-saving endeavor wouldn't be possible without the help of our supporters.

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