The Truth About Pregnancy Resource Centers

Serving Central Texas Women and Families

Our Perspective

We are a woman-led, woman-focused organization, working to support and empower Central Texas mothers and families. We believe all women deserve access to community support, robust social services, and high-quality medical care during their pregnancy and beyond. We serve women and families from the time a woman finds out she is pregnant until her baby turns 3.

A mother's love

"Let all that you do be done in love." 1 Corinthians 16:14

Who We Serve

We serve women and families from across Central Texas regardless of religion, race, political party, immigration status, or income. We serve many in District 48, serving 98 families from this District in 2022 and over 830 families from this District in the past 7 years.

Services We Offer

Free Pregnancy Help

• Confidential, non-judgmental client advocates 

• Medically accurate options counseling

• Free pregnancy test 

• Free 3D/4D Ultrasound 

• Rental and utilities assistance 

• Pregnancy, Parenting, and Life skills classes 

• Material assistance, including diapers, wipes, formula, car seats, maternity clothes, baby and toddler clothes, furniture, feminine hygiene products, food, and more 

• Assistance enrolling in Medicaid, CHIP, and other Texas Benefits 

• Referrals to immigration and other legal services

 • Referrals to other community resources 

• Childbirth classes in partnership with Ascension Seton (taught by our licensed Nurse Practitioner)

Vitae Clinic

• Comprehensive Obstetrics Care including pre-conception care, routine and high-risk prenatal care, and deliveries in the remodeled Labor and Delivery wing of Seton Medical Center

• Comprehensive Gynecological Care including well-woman exams, breast exams, and STD testing. 

• Fertility Awareness and Family Planning Education 

The Facts

1.) Claim: We are not regulated and have no accountability.

Fact: We are a provider with the Texas Pregnancy Care Network and receive funding from the Texas Alternatives to Abortion Services Program. Because of this funding we are highly regulated and monitored through TPCN, ensuring accountability and compliance with both TPCN and Health and Human Services Commission standards.

2.) Claim: We are a waste of taxpayer dollars and do nothing to avert abortions.

Fact: The thousands of women we have served through the years would disagree that our support through pregnancy and parenting is a waste. Alternatives to abortion funding goes directly to our clients, helping to meet their real needs for material assistance and emotional support.

As for averting abortions, women do change their mind after receiving our services. Most women who come through our doors want to explore options and learn if they really have a choice in deciding between an abortion and carrying the pregnancy to term. The number one reason women seek an abortion is because of financial hardship, followed by relationship issues, and lack of social support. Once we communicate with women the resources we have and connect them with other resources in the community they feel empowered to carry their pregnancy to term and many change their mind. In fact, Planned Parenthood and other local abortion facilities have referred women to us once they found out these women want to carry to term, because we help women prepare for birth & childcare.

3.) Claim: There are no licensed medical providers in the Alternatives to Abortion network.

Fact: While the Alternatives to Abortion funding does not directly fund our medical care, our connected clinic is a licensed medical facility and provides high-quality medical care to all patients, including those with Medicaid, undocumented women with CHIP, and uninsured patients.

It is important to note that the purpose of the Alternatives to Abortion funding is to provide real options to women who want to carry their pregnancy to term. The reason that women choose abortion is most closely related to financial hardship and other social issues and very rarely related directly to access to medical care. In order to give women a true choice it is necessary for them to receive social services and mutual aid, which is why Alternatives to Abortion funds our Center, and other pregnancy centers, maternity homes, and social service organizations to provide women with the support they need to carry a pregnancy to term.


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