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A Glimpse Inside™

Witness the miracle of life through a 3D ultrasound

A Glimpse Inside™ is an educational Video Series for children and teens that offers a rare opportunity for young people to see a live sonogram of a baby growing within the mother's womb. Seeing is believing!

The power of An Ultrasound


Reveals the Truth

Reveals the humanity of the baby in the womb.


Teaches Science

Teaches the various stages of fetal development.


Transforms Hearts

Demonstrates the irreplaceable value of the tiniest members of our human family.

Human embryo at the end of 5 weeks. 3D illustration

Miraculously Made

A Glimpse Inside™ plants a seed in minds and hearts that the unborn child is a dynamic and unique individual person created by God.

Pregnant woman holding ultrasound baby image. Close-up of pregnant belly and sonogram photo in hands of mother. Concept of pregnancy, gynecology, medical test, maternal health.

Dignity and Respect

A Glimpse Inside™ provides an engaging way to learn about embryonic and fetal development through amazingly detailed 3D/4D images.

Group Of High School Students Listening To Presentation

worthy of protection

A Glimpse Inside™ equips people of all ages with the knowledge and understanding of the dignity of every human being from conception until natural death.

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What people are saying...

Pretty asian girl take a self portrait with her smart phone. Thai girl selfie. High quality photo
“I have to admit, I never thought much about babies in the womb. I assumed it was a blob of cells up until the third trimester. Wow, was I wrong! It blew my mind away seeing a baby on the ultrasound wiggling around and learning babies have a heartbeat at 5-6 weeks!”
Amy Bulan
Handsome caucasian man taking a self portrait indoor at home
“As an adult male, you don't often see ultrasounds unless you're married and expecting a child. I have to say it was miraculous to see a 12 week old baby moving so much in the belly! My mind has definitely changed about mothers and babies. Much respect!”
Terry Dennis
“A Glimpse Inside was such an incredible event for my family and I. My children were amazed when they learned how fast babies grow in the womb and how they're an individual person like us no matter how small they may be. They talked about it for weeks!”
Katy Watson

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