Do animals have more rights than babies?

The culture of abortion rights has hardened the hearts and closed minds of many people. The same person who feels empathy for animal suffering can lack compassion when it comes to unborn children

Animal rights and Abortion go hand in hand when considering several factors. Every reasonable criterion of whether it is okay to kill animals or humans will either include of exclude some groups. There is no defensible capacity which all humans possess and all animals lack. We have to end up choosing an option: all humans and only some animals have the rights to live, some humans do not have, and some animals do have the right to live, or some humans and all animals lack the right to live. Sentience is one of the biggest arguments as to whether animal rights are ethical and fair. Sentience is the ability to feel pleasure and pain should be the basis for entitlement. The argument that killing humans is unethical is that we are aware of things both internally and externally. We are able to have feeling and be self-aware as well as feel pain and suffering from external factors. Nonhuman animals can also experience pain and pleasure. Making it unethical to kill animals. An argument many people use to oppose this is that animals can’t talk, saying they don’t have a right to choose life (same thing with abortion) they can’t defend themselves. Animals may not be able to speak up for their lives but they can feel the pain when being killed or abused. This is because animals share the same nervous system, neurochemicals, perceptions, and emotions all which contribute to the feeling of pain

Because of this, there are standards of care for animals used in laboratories. For example, the animal welfare act (housing standards and a baseline for treatment). In addition, states are prohibited in making laws that go against what the federal law states. So, animals are protected to an extent by the law. Even though certain laws might not protect actions humans commit, doesn’t mean they should be condomed. Instead we should find ways to ensure we give every life a chance. At John Paul II Life Center, we ensure the necessary tools are provided to women to honor all life. To ensure we go beyond just telling people we care and actually taking action. We provide tools from OB-GYN health care to financial needs, to provide a good and stable environment for every life.

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