Transform twice as many hearts and minds with your tax-deductible gift that will be MATCHED $1 for $1 before December 31st at midnight.

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Urgent Need: Countless babies lives are being taken by abortion. Your gift of $60 right now can save the life of one baby by providing their moms with life affirming options, education, resources, and the opportunity to see their baby in their womb (97% choose life after receiving an ultrasound).


informing minds. transforming hearts. saving lives.

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Did you know the #1 reason women choose abortion is because they believe they have “no choice”? We believe no woman truly wants to have an abortion.

At the JPII Life Center and Vitae Clinic we care for women, provide needed resources to families, and empower mothers to choose life for their unborn babies. During 2021 we saw 49% more women in need.

A gift of just $1/day or $365/year provides an abortion vulnerable woman with a free pregnancy test and sonogram. 97% of women choose life when they see their baby’s heart beating. Your gift transforms hearts and saves lives every day!

All gifts made before January 1st will be matched at 100%! Your gift of $1/day now helps save two babies from abortion!

2022 is a year of growth for our Center and a pivotal year in our fight to protect families from the tragedy of abortion.

The JPII Life Center and Vitae Clinic are on the frontline. Please join us in this vital mission! 

Every gift helps!

You can be the reason a
mother embraces her child's
life for only $1 a day.

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