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Our Mission

The JPII Life Center is a leading pro-life non-profit in Texas that provides free pregnancy services, holistic OB-GYN healthcare, and life-affirming education programs for young teens and adults at no cost. From top doctors to professional counselors, and licensed educators, we provide abortion vulnerable mothers with compassionate, life-saving support so that they never feel abortion is the only option. JPII Life Center’s education programs offer young teens, adults, and parents’ essential information necessary to recognize the dignity of every human life.

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How We've Helped Change Lives

In the aftermath of the Roe v. Wade decision, there has been a rise in abortion-vulnerable women in need of support. These women are facing various challenges such as financial difficulties, lack of access to healthcare, and other personal struggles. Our organization provides a range of free services that helps mothers make informed decisions about their pregnancy and their lives.

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