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JPII Life Center in Austin, TX.
Mom enjoys her baby because of the life-saving impact of the JPII Life Center in Austin, TX.


Our History

Inspired by their Catholic faith and the life of St. John Paul II, Tim and Pat Von Dohlen had a unique vision for Central Texas. Their goal was to:

1. Empower women facing unexpected pregnancies with practical resources, emotional support, and medical care.


2. Develop educational programs that teach the scientific reality that life begins at conception and is worthy of respect.


3. Maintain a full-time Ob/Gyn clinic with on-site board-certified physicians, state-of-the-art sonogram availability, fertility care, and infertility support with the use of Natural Procreative (NaPro) Technology.

Together with co-founders Chris and Sheri Danze, a community of supporters, and countless prayers, the St. John Paul II Life Center (“JPII Life Center”) and Vitae Clinic opened doors on October 12, 2010. The Center welcomes women in a judgement-free environment and ensures both mothers and their babies are treated with the dignity and care they deserve. In keeping with the mission to support and protect human dignity the JPII Life Center’s educational programs inspire young minds to protect the inherent value of every human being. Under the same roof, at the Vitae Clinic women and couples receive fertility-affirming OB/GYN care and family planning assistance with the support of Natural Procreative (NaPro) TECHNOLOGY.


Over the years, the JPII Life Center and Vitae Clinic have saved over 1,500 babies from abortion, served thousands of mothers and families, and helped countless women and girls optimize and understand their fertility.

Our History

Pope St. John Paul II

"The ultimate test of your greatness is the way you treat every human being, but especially the weak and most defenseless."

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