She Was Homeless, Pregnant & Afraid

When Margarita found out she was pregnant, she didn't know what to do or where to go; she was homeless and felt lost in life. Being homeless was not only hard on her but was going to be hard on her newborn baby as well. Desperate to find a solution and the fear of her child growing up in the same environment, she took immediate action to find a way out. Seeking advice from a friend, she learned about the JPII Life Center.

What happens next is beautiful and transforming.

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"I was homeless, I was lost and didn't know which way to go. Discovering JPII and receiving the help I needed to become a parent really changed my life a lot... because the struggle was serious and the struggle was real. I am now a successful mother of two and I'm very happy." - Margarita

Women like Margarita will never have to pay for mother or child necessities at the JPII Life Center. All mothers and babies are cared for, loved and respected in a safe and non-judgmental environment.

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