Maafa 21 Showing

Maafa 21 Film Showing

Black genocide in the 21st century

June 4, 2022, The Carver museum in austin, tx

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"Understanding history is one of many ways to break the cycle." - Chadwick Boseman

About the Event

Our friends at Embrace Life Initiative are hosting a free screening of Maafa 21, followed by a panel discussion on Saturday, June 4, 2022 at 1:30 PM at the George Washington Carver Museum located at 1165 Angelina Street, Austin TX, 78702.
Maafa 21 is a riveting documentary revealing the eugenic thoughts and practices used against Black Americans from the era of slavery through modern times.
As we approach Juneteenth next month, we invite you to celebrate the end of the injustice of slavery and discover how we can end one of the most prevalent injustices people of color face today.