what are you
thankful for?

A.) Having a warm and safe home

B.) The ability to provide for myself and my family

C.) My supportive friends and loved ones

What was your answer?

Maybe you're thankful to have a roof over your head. Maybe you're thankful for the food in your fridge and pantry. Maybe you're simply thankful for the resources needed to support yourself and your family.

Unfortunately, many mothers and families in Central Texas do not have access to these basic necessities. Some lack a support system, and some wonder where their next meal will come from or where they will rest their head tonight. With the rising cost of living in Austin and surrounding areas, many mothers and families face eviction amidst the upcoming holidays.

This holiday season, we need your help to make sure each mom is able to comfortably enjoy festivities with their children.

Giving Tuesday is on November 29th. With your generosity, moms and babies can stay warm and enjoy a holiday meal together. Can we count on you to support them this season?

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